Global Contractors Corp® is a one-stop solution to all of your new home construction, home addition, architecture, and home or condo remodeling needs. We can also service your retail, commercial, medical or office build-outs with custom design solutions  and our vertically integrated services mean no hassle and no stress for your next big project. Explore our capabilities below.


Whether you want subtlety of design or eye-catching textures and unparalleled functionality, the crew at Global Contractors Corp@ is ready to offer our diverse range of capabilities to your next construction project. We offer a full suite of commercial drywall and metal stud framing services to our clients  and more. We focus on a variety of contracting and construction services to meet all of our clients’ needs. Whether you have a small project or a 20 story building, Global Contractors Corp@ has the equipment and expertise to provide superior customer service and the highest quality building materials at a competitive price.


Global Contractors Corp® provides professional drywall installation services to create blemish-free, smooth, and attractive finishes that serve multiple purposes, from acoustic perfection to strong aesthetic appeal.


Global Contractors Corp® stone wool ceiling tiles and panels are known for their beauty and performance characteristics - acoustic control, fire protection, humidity resistance, durability and light reflection. The Global Contractors Corp® product range not only comprises a wide selection of acoustic ceiling tiles, but it also features islands and baffles.


Global Contractors Corp® prides itself on enduring, exceptional client relationships. In an age where construction and design companies cannot always be relied upon, Global Contractors Corp® excels in consistently offering clients unrivaled knowledge, creativity, resolute service and communications and most notable extraordinary outcomes. The result is client-inspired innovation.


Global Contractors Corp® As the supply of quality lumber diminishes, steel studs will replace their wood stud cousins more and more in home construction. You’ll like steel framing for the many advantages it has over wood: Steel studs are perfectly straight. They don’t shrink or split. Steel studs are light and easy to store, plus they resist fire, insects and rot. And you’ll really like the fact that steel studs are about 30 percent cheaper than wood.


When you're remodeling or want a fresh look, professional crown molding installation adds style, value, and a more finished look to your home. From traditional colonial crown molding to modern designs, Global Contractor Corp® custom carpentry services can make your vision a reality. You get pro-level service and skills, an updated home, and a custom look that's uniquely yours.


We offer light demolition services for both residential and commercial clients. With our solutions, we not only make the waste removal job easy for you, but also relieve you from the stress of hiring other service providers. Hiring us is fairly simple.

Client-Inspired Innovation

Global Contractor Corp® has built an exceptionally impressionable number of projects all our clients. As an award-winning custom home builder in all states, Global Contractor Corp® clientele list is veritable of movers and shakers from around the world, including national hotel chains, Fortune 500 companies, publicly-traded REIT, real estate developers, film stars, Grammy-winning musicians, international entertainment figures, sports celebrities and heads of foreign countries.

What You Get

We have a proven background in pre-construction, value engineering, project and construction management and we provide complete project delivery solutions.

We are known for our collaborative business approach and for working hand in hand with our Customers and their Design Teams to deliver the best solutions for our Customer needs.

Our construction services comprises the full range of building and refurbishment activities across a diverse range of industries and sectors.